we are now doing freeze branding ,of hunting dogs an live stock ,

cows $5.50 +gst per head

horses $40.00 ech

hunting dogs $40.00 per dog



 Pig and deer snare. Highly effective snare, light to carry, giving you the option to set more traps per run.

 Quite simply attach to tree on run.  Designed to be a neck snare.  These snares are made on high quality aircraft cable. Snare complete with self locking ratchet lock.Snare is 10ft long

$37.50 per snare or $250.00 per Doz . Free postage within NZ



 Cage traps made to order.  All traps made from galvanized steel.  And painted in two pack black marine paint.  E-mail measurements for fee quote




 Boar Scent, great for bring in the dominant males ,this scent makes them come to your traps as they come to re-mark there territory scent comes in 200ml concerted spray bottles all so covers human scent, $25.50 free-post with in N.Z    



 Sow in Heat .This is a very powerful scent guaranteed to bring in the boars as they spend most of there time looking for sows to breed with.

$40.00 per 200ml bottle

free-post with in N.Z check for availability

 Stag  scent ,great for hiding human scent  while trapping or stalking during the roar.  In the roar, will bring them right to you, cation needed if to be used during the roar  with this product .   $25.50 comes in 200ml bottles  check for availability  free-post with in N.Z



 Possum lure special recipe  comes in a 1kg powder form $15.00 per Bag free-post with in N.Z 



 Game feeder for Deer holds 20kg of corn or pellets

$140.00  each  fee-post with in N.Z

comes in ,white ,black , and camo



 Pig feeder great for bring in pigs. Then set your live catch foot snare for best results.  Stake to the ground and the pigs will roll it round to get the feed holds 20kgs of corn or pellets

$140.00 each  free-post with in N.Z

comes in, white, black and camo



 We also offer a stock training program for hunting dogs in the nelson area for sheep, deer, goats , possums ,cows, horses.

Basic program ,is a one day  training session for sheep and cows and possums  $80.00  per dog

Advanced  program ,is a 3 day training  program that covers sheep, goats, deer, possums, cows and horses, $180.00  per dog

This program is for people who work and don't have the time to train there dogs or don't know how to ,or are just haven problems  with their dogs while out hunting feel free to contact me.


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