Live capture, leg snare trap for the live capture of Wild Deer, Ferrel Pigs and Goats.  Allowing you to hunt if do or don't have Dogs. 

Specially calibrated spring pressure plate tested and proven to catch animals for hunting or research purposes, as the animal is captured uninjured and alive.  Trap will not be set off by small non target animals.

The live capture trap can aid in the training of pig hunting dogs by working young dogs on pigs caught in trap, there for giving the dog the chance to find and bail the pig in a natural environment. The hunter also has the option to size up the pig before working the dog on it. also can provide meat with no damage caused by dogs.  Due to traps design if you catch someones dog, it can be released unharmed.

Deer will always use the same game run, but mainly travel to pasture and feed during the evening and early morning.  Because they have a high sense of smell it can make them hard to find and hunt due to wind and unfavourable conditions.  Where as the trap is odorless and hunting for you as long as it is set and will catch any Deer that use the run it set on.



Trap is chained to a tree or staked to the ground.  The trap has a specially designed spring pole which is calibrated and detaches from the plate which is what stops the damage to the animal as they are on a bungee. 


As soon as trap is activated the rope is shot up the animals leg and tightened.  The spring pole will hold constant tension on the snare so there will be no escape, but, will allow animal to move around freely.


The benefits of square plate design through trials gives you a bigger area for the animal to stand on compared to others.  A high grade rope is used so it will not damage the animals leg, compared to wire cable which will cut.

Trap comes complete ready to use with full instructions of use.

$250.00 nz each with free postage within New Zealand.

Overseas orders welcome.

 How many times have you been out hunting and seen sign but have been unable to find the animals knowing that they are traveling to and from the area regularly?? Let the trap hunt for you or if you are a farmer let the trap save you time and money and stop Ferrel Pigs destroying you pasture.

All traps come with 3 year guarantee

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